Think you know a lot about professional wrestling? 

You’ve got nothing on Todd McKenzie, a 21-year-old savant who has memorized a vast amount of wrestling trivia, including the names of nearly 25 current NXT wrestlers!

In a stunning display of memory and recall, McKenzie rhymed dozens of names like Dante Chen, Duke Hudson, Gigi Dolin, Drex Hartwell, Kit Wilson, Bash Kaplan, Katana Chance, Xyon Quinn, Amber Stryke, Wes Lee, Kayden Karter, and other current members of the NXT roster that no normal person could possibly memorize. 

McKenzie is known to friends and family as the “rain man” of wrestling because of his ability to memorize the bland, forgettable names of young, athletic, utterly-identical-to-one-another developmental wrestlers. 

He dazzled fellow wrestling fans at a convention last weekend by correctly identifying NXT performers Lash Legend, Trick Williams, Brandon Baxxter, Jagger Reid, Lexxi Sizzle, Damon Kemp, and Ivy Nile.

Nobody seemed to notice that several of the names he said were completely fictional. Did you? 


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