burn it down
Seth Rollins strolls through one of his buildings, moments before encouraging his fans to destroy it via arson.

Whereas most architects aspire to design buildings with aesthetic appeal and enduring structural integrity, architect and sports-entertainer Seth Rollins asks arsonists to destroy his architecture with his espousal of the catch-phrase “burn it down.”

“Mr. Rollins is a disgrace to our noble profession,” reads a press release issued today by the American Architecture Society. “Arson — or ‘burning it down’ — is the very antithesis of architecture”

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Rollins himself has never explained why, as an architect, he is a proponent of burning it down — nor has he ever specified what “it” actually is.

This is not the first time Rollins has been accused of adopting inappropriate nicknames. For instance, despite his insistence that his middle name is Freakin’, his parents, Ralph and Gladys Rollins, have confirmed that it is actually Todd.

Furthermore, a detailed investigation into Rollins’ past reveals that he has never, despite his repeated claims to the contrary, slain a king.



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