Vince McMahon (inset) said he is “fed up, quite frankly,” with animal conservationists.

World Wrestling Entertainment (formerly World Wrestling Federation, of WWF) may be forced to change its name if a nature conservation organization wins a copyright dispute over the “WWE” acronym.

A legal battle is expected to play out in a Connecticut courtroom this week between the sports entertainment juggernaut and World Wildlife Enterprises, with both sides claiming rightful ownership of the abbreviation.

Wrestling mogul Vince McMahon raged during a press conference today that he “will never again roll over to a bunch of panda huggers, quite frankly.”

McMahon continued that the only way he would sign over the rights to the WWE name is if an endangered gorilla climbs up a ladder to grab a briefcase containing the legal documents. McMahon later retracted that challenged, however, when he remembered that an albino gorilla achieved exactly that feat less than two weeks ago.

One source close to McMahon, who for the sake of anonymity asked to be named as T. Chimel, said the sports-entertainment mogul is planning to “stick it to the wildlife people” with a panda-versus-leopard match at Super ShowDown in [REDACTED].

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