2016 heelAs New Year’s Eve fast approaches, members of the WWE Universe — and the entire universe in general — are desperately hoping the calendar makes a babyface turn after the 2016 amounted to 365 days of white-hot heel heat.

2016 has become one of the most hated heels in decades, squashing countless beloved celebrities, inflaming the ire of patriotic Americans, insulting the intelligence of millions, and giving legitimacy to an orange-skinned cartoon tycoon.

In true heel fashion, 2016 has mocked and belittled, cheated and stolen, and overstayed its welcome, practically begging for an ass-whuppin’.

A social media campaign called #FutureEndeavor2016 has rallied around the slogan: “If 2016 wins, we riot.”

But 2017 is already hinting at a heel run, since a WWE Hall of Famer is going to be president of the United States and, tragically, it will not be Bobby Heenan.

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