vince mcmahon rumor
Gus McGarry (circled) has some harsh words for Vince McMahon.

If you thought you had already heard the worst about WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, you will not believe what this man just said about the sports-entertainment mogul!

“Vince is a lying, conniving carny who treats fans like idiots and treats wrestlers like circus animals,” said Gus McGarry (pictured here at ringside, fourth from right). “I hope he gets face cancer.”

wwe hate
This man┬ádevotes much of his disposable income to a company he claims to “hate.”

McGarry a self-described “smart smark” who has attended more than two-dozen WWE events (including the Monday Night Raw pictured here, during which he spent nearly all three hours looking for himself on the TitanTron).

The 29-year-old night manager at a Tallahassee-area Applebee’s insists McMahon is “bad for wrestling,” and that the only “passable” wrestling these days is happening in Japan.

McGarry also says he is “pretty sure” McMahon has read his blog,, which is obviously not the case.

In unrelated news, WWE personality Paul Heyman recently referred to McMahon as a “genius.”