Kristeen Owens and Gladys Jericho (inset) are said to be concerned about how close their husbands are becoming.

The spouses of professional wrestlers Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens reportedly met for coffee yesterday to discuss their “mutual concerns” about the intensifying friendship between their husbands.

Kristeen Owens and Gladys “The Duchess of Rock’n’rolla” Jericho are said to be increasingly concerned that their wrestler husbands have transitioned from mere bros to bromantic partners.

“Chris calls everyone a stupid idiot, but he has only nice things to say about Kevin,” wrote Gladys on her blog. “And I think he started wearing those scarves just to impress Kevin.”

While many wrestling pundits believe Jericho and Owens are playing an intricate game of human chess that will eventually result in a nefarious betrayal and violent feud (given that both men have long history of such ignominy), their wives are not so sure.

“I asked Chris what’s going on, but he told me to please just shut the hell up,” wrote Gladys.

“Frankly, I would prefer if Chris and Kevin never, evvvver saw each other agayn.”