rock and rocky johnson
Dwayne Johnson, as usual, struggles to be seen amid the dominant presence of his father, Rocky.

Dwayne Johnson has made a minor name for himself in professional sport-entertaining and acting, but it remains to be seen whether the plucky youngster has what it takes to emerge from the long shadow cast by his more famous father, Rocky “Soulman” Johnson.

Perhaps it is the so-called “curse of the second-generation superstar,” but it seems that Dwayne — much like Randy Orton and Randy Savage — will forever fall short of the fame of the father.

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Sure, young Dwayne has won a few wrestling championships and appeared in the occasional movie, but he has never held the┬áNWA Georgia Championship or the NWA Southern Heavyweight Memphis Championship — the most coveted prizes in wrestling, both held by his father.

Dwayne even once adopted the name “Rocky Maivia,” in a vain attempt to capitalize on the fame of both his father and grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia, but Dwayne lacked the athleticism and charisma required to do the name justice.

Unlike his grandfather, Dwayne has never held the NWA Australasian Heavyweight Championship, nor the prestigious NWA New Zealand British Empire Commonwealth Heavyweight Championship — instead, Dwayne worked for the obscure regional promotion based out of Connecticut called World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

While Johnson has attempted to transition from pro wrestling to movies, only time will tell if he can breakout as a serious actor like Michael Mizanin or Sir Terrence Bollea.