Rousey WWE
Experts say the Rousey-JoJo dream match would be “too tough to call.”

Amid a so-called “Divas Revolution,” and with rumors flying that Ronda Rousey may soon join WWE, wrestling fans worldwide are abuzz with the question: who would win a fight between Rousey and JoJo?

Most wrestling pundits say the dream match would be “too close to call,” and Vegas oddsmakers are divided in their picks of odds-on favorite.

“They’re like Savage and Steamboat,” writes veteran wrestling journalist Dan Murphy of Pro Wrestling Illustrated. “On any given night, either could win.”

The so-called “tale of the tape” reveals little about which competitor might have an advantage in what is already being billed as the Match of the Century:


  • Rousey: 61 kg
  • JoJo: n/a


  • Rousey: 1.7 metres
  • JoJo: Three apples


  • Rousey: 173 cm
  • JoJo: 1.73 cm

Fighting style

  • Rousey: Judo, boxing, Jericho’s 1004 armbars
  • JoJo: hiding under hair, giggling

Though Rousey-versus-JoJo is rumored to be the main-event bout at WrestleMania 32, it seems unlikely to happen because UFC President Dana White insists professional wrestling doesn’t even exist.