Debate continues to rage among wrestling fans worldwide over which incarnation of ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) was superior: the original Philadelphia-based promotion that ran from 1992 to 2001, or the relaunched version that ran on WWE programming from 2006 to 2010.

“Man, it’s too hard to pick one,” lamented one wrestling fan when asked to choose a favorite. “The original ECW was great, but the reboot had the Big Show, so I don’t know.”

Wrestling fans en masse seem similarly split over the issue; a recent Kayfabe News web poll of 12,345 readers revealed fans are almost perfectly split:

Question: Do you prefer the original ECW or the 2006 reboot? 

  • 48 percent: Prefer Original ECW
  • 49 percent: Prefer 2006 ECW reboot
  • 2 percent Prefer not to answer
  • 4 percent: Not great at math

When asked “Who was the best ECW champion,” a majority of respondents (69 percent) said Mark Henry.

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