dean ambrose
Remember this guy? Ever wonder what he did after leaving wrestling?

Longtime fans of professional sports-entertainment will remember Dean Ambrose as the brash young whippersnapper who emerged from The Shield to become a breakout solo star. 

But have you ever wondered what happened to the so-called “lunatic fridge?”

Dean Ambrose vanished from WWE as quickly as he appeared, and has not made a public appearance since, leading to much speculation about his whereabouts and wellbeing. 

The “Spotlight” team of investigative reporters at Kayfabe News spent the past four months tracking down the reclusive rebel. 

Here’s what we’ve learned so far: 

  • Ambrose quit WWE abruptly after learning he would “lose clean” to Brock Lesnar, which he said nobody would believe
  • Ambrose returned to his hometown in Samoa to live with his cousins, Rikishi and Afa
  • Ambrose spent three weeks in Mexico last June to help build a generic orphanage with a masked ginger
  • Academic transcripts reveal that Ambrose recently began work on a PhD thesis on postmodern feminist literary theory. 
  • Ambrose tweeted “done with wrestling,” because he feels there are “too many imitators” emulating his style, “especially this one Jon guy in AEW.”

To read our full story on Dean Ambrose, check out tomorrow’s print edition of Kayfabe News. 

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