drew mcintyre
The current Drew McIntyre (right) is portrayed by Ted Quinn, who briefly portrayed Viktor in the Ascension.

Fans of professional sports-entertaining are taking notice of the WWE’s current version of “Drew McIntyre” — a chiseled and ruthless Scot destined for the main-event picture — but many fans are wondering what happened to the first person to play the Drew McIntyre role.

Much like the Ultimate Warrior and The Undertaker, the “Drew McIntyre” character has been portrayed by a revolving cast of performers, including Steve Lombardi, Colt Cabana, and Ike “The Crippler” Shaw.

But perhaps the most popular incarnation of Drew McIntyre was the one who joined forces with Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal to form “Three Megabytes” (or 3MB).

Kayfabe News tracked down that Drew McIntyre (real name Gus Drubowski) in his hometown of North Platte, Nebraska, where he works as a sandwich artist and wrestles on weekends for Nebraska Wrestling Syndicate (NWS).

“I guess I miss the old days, goofing around with 3MB, pretending to be Scottish” he mused. “I really liked the original Jinder Mahal — his name was Steve Patterson — but they replaced him with that more muscular version they’ve got playing the role now.”

Because WWE owns the copyrights to the names of on-air characters, Drubowski now performs on the indy wrestling circuit as Drawn McIntosh, an apple farmer.

“Just last week I wrestled a match with Mason Ryan, who portrayed the ‘Batista’ character for a few years in WWE when that Bautista guy was making movies,” he said. “The bosses at WWE said I’d be welcome back someday to portray Seth Rollins if the current guy gets a movie deal.”


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