Al snow head
Albert “Al” Snow with Hedericka “Head” McGuffin.

There was a time when Head was what everybody wanted, but the former ECW and WWE star has fallen into relative obscurity, leading many to wonder what happened to Albert “Al” Snow’s onetime confidant and advisor. 

During her WWE heyday, Head was one of the most popular inanimate objects on the WWE roster, alongside Jim Duggan’s 2×4, the Undertaker’s urn, and Sid Justice. 

Head made her WCW shortly after meeting Snow on a street near the old ECW Arena in Philadelphia, where she was earning a meagre living with hat-modelling gigs (and one lucrative centrefold in Playhead). She had the words HELP ME tattooed backwards on her forehead, and once Snow saw her at a mirror, he deciphered the cryptic code. 

When Head was signed to WWE, the company reluctantly signed Snow as well, but the duo became a popular attraction, especially when Head helped snow defeat opponents with her signature maneuver, the Self Butt. 

But wrestling fans are notoriously fickle, and eventually grew weary of Head’s limited arsenal due to her noteworthy lack of limbs. She was released from WWE in 2006 after she was deemed “unbeatable” due to her absence of shoulders to pin. 

What has Head been up to since her days as a WWE Superstar? 

In 2007, Head and Snow had a falling out after leaked documents revealed that Head was earning nearly twice as much at Snow. They are reportedly still not on speaking terms, verbal or telepathic. 

Head worked sporadically on the independent wrestling scene from 2009 to 2013, mostly relegated to novelty matches against midgets, torsos, David Arquette, and a memorable tag team run with Zach Gowen’s artificial leg. 

But professional wresting is a brutal sport, and Head sustained a series of injuries: broken nose, black eyes, cauliflower ears, broccoli nose, and a recurring migraine self-aches. 

Head walked away (well, rolled away) from in-ring action in 2005, but she remains connected to the wrestling business, serving as a model for luchadore masks, new facepaint designs, and headlock training. 

Now living alone in Tampa, Head occasionally appears at wrestling conventions, but her inability to sign autographs or move under her own volition limits her ability to interact with fans. 

Last year she started a podcast called “Head Locked,” in which she interviews fellow inanimate wrestling alum like Moppy, Horsey, and Val Venis’ peepee. 

Asked whether she has one more WWE run in her, Head tried, and failed, to shrug. 



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