little jimmy
This photo is proof of something nefarious because we added circles, arrows, and a question mark.

A new conspiracy theory gaining momentum on 4Chan and Wreddit argues that Lil Jimmy, the long-absent companion of WWE superstar R-Truth, was sold online to an evil underground cabal of liberals/satanists who traffic invisible humans.

The so-called #JimmyGate scandal broke out after a Twitter user shared images depicting Lil Jimmy’s missing-person’s report, juxtaposed against an image of an invisible Lil Jimmy action figure priced at more than $12,000.

The conspiracy theorists argue that there exists an evil underworld of powerful politicians and celebrities who can afford to buy invisible sidekicks.

R-Truth (real name Don Billings) appealed to the traffickers for the safe return of his estranged best friend.

“I haven’t seen Lil Jimmy in, well, ever,” sobbed R-Truth, who is currently enjoying his 374th reign as WWE 24/7 Champion. “But now he is missing, and it’s… it’s… it’s… a c-o-n…spiracy!”

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