shawn michaels age
“I’m not your sexy boy,” Shawn Michaels now says without in a literal sense.

It seems like just yesterday that we were all just kids, cheering for our favorite flamboyant superstars of the squared circle, but we’re reminded of the fleeting passage of time by certain occasions, like the 80th birthday yesterday of the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels.

That’s right — the man once known as a “Boy Toy” is now an octogenarian, which really hammers home the relentless march of time.

Though Michaels and his buddies in “The Kliq” were once considered the rebellious bad boys of sports entertainment, they are now all aged retirees: Sean “X-Syxxx-Kid-Pac” Waltman (age 69), Kevin Nash (72),  Scott Hall (77), and Hunter Hearst Helmsley (29, according to his bio on

Though advanced in years, the members of the Kliq can still occasionally perform in the ring, particularly when a despotic Middle Eastern monarchy pays them several bazillion dollars to do so.

Asked what he wanted for his 80th birthday, Michaels responded “my smile,” by which he meant a new tube of Polygrip Denture Adhesive.

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