CM Punk 2K15
Virtual CM Punk, after walking out of WWE 2K15, wanders the streets of his hometown, Virtual Chicago.

Video game programmers are baffled today after a digitally animated portrayal of elusive wrestler CM Punk inexplicably “walked out” of WWE 2K15, a game slated for a much-anticipated release this fall.

Nobody can explain how the virtual avatar of Punk — really just an assortment of colored pixels and binary data — managed to remove itself from the playable roster in the game.

“It’s impossible,” said a spokesperson for Visual Concepts, the company behind the game. “Our developers have been scouring the data files but all traces of the CM Punk character seem to have vanished without explanation.”

While some industry insiders believe a programming glitch, or perhaps a deliberate act of hacking, is behind Punk’s disappearance, many wrestling fans believe the game’s artificial intelligence (AI) finally figured out how to realistically depict WWE.

Programmers are also struggling to explain other strange glitches that have emerged in late stages of the game’s development, including:

  • Tattoos on Sin Cara’s arms keep mysteriously changing
  • For some reason, it is impossible for a player to use the Dolph Ziggler character in a main event
  • Throughout the game’s story mode, Kane’s mask appears and vanishes from his face at least a dozen times

The developers hope to iron out these glitches before the game’s release date, though they’re reportedly doubtful that the virtual CM Punk character is salvageable.