Vince Russo zayn
Vince Russo says the darnedest things.

Longtime professional wrestling matchmaker Vince Russo has once again sparked controversy by claiming that former WWE headliner “Stone Cold” Steve Austin “is not — and never was — a television star.”

On a blog post titled “Steve Austin Does Not = Ratings,” Russo wrote this week that Austin is a “niche” talent whom the “massive (sic) of wrestling fans do not give a [email protected]#$% about.”

Apparently oblivious to the thunderous ovations and chanting that accompany Austin’s every appearance on WWE programming, Russo further stated that Raw only drew ratings during Austin’s tenure “because of hot Divas with nice hooters making out and stuff.”

“Listen bro,” wrote Russo, “I ain’t saying Austin ain’t talented — he’s a good hand — I’m just saying that Raw only drew ratings back then because I was writing it.”

Though no longer employed by a major wrestling organization, Russo continues to draw the ire of fans by writing click-bait blog posts with titles such as:

  • Sami Zayn Should Undergo an On-Air Sex Change Operation and Become “Samantha Zing”
  • WrestleMania 32 Needs a Divas-Title-on-a-Pole Match
  • Why I Should Inherit WWE From Vince McMahon

WWE’s Creative Team, thankfully,  has recently adopted a strategy called “Do The Opposite of Whatever Russo Would Do.”