Vince McMahon chin
Vince McMahon's chin dimple is worth an estimated $72 million, according to Forbes.

According to a report published yesterday in Forbes Magazine, the dimple on WWE Chairman Vince McMahon’s chin is wealthier than you will ever be.

Though it has long been known that McMahon has become a multi-millionaire thanks to the enduring success of his sports entertainment juggernaut, the new report is the first to indicate that even a small indentation at the apex of his jaw is far wealthier than you will ever be in your wildest dreams.

“Mr. McMahon’s chin dimple could buy your entire family and have them taxidermied to decorate one of his many mansions,” said the report.

“In fact, the dimple has already done this to several families.”

The report outlines the estimated wealth ascribed to several other body parts. His big toe owns an island in the Bahamas, his disturbingly well-developed pectoral muscles bought a solid-gold Porsche, and apparently several Swiss bank accounts are registered to his “Grapefruits.”