Vince McMahon
Speech pathologists tell Kayfabe News that this photo illustrates the improper mouth morphology that causes Vince McMahon to pronounce it "russling."

Despite owning the world’s most successful professional wrestling empire for more than three decades, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon still insists on pronouncing it “russling.”

“We here at World Russling Entertainment are proud to bring smiles to millions of faces every day,” McMahon said during a press conference Thursday. “World Russling Entertainment continues to be the recognized leader in sports entertainment.”

Sources close to McMahon can’t explain why the man whose name has been synonymous with wrestling since the 1980s has yet to pronounce the word correctly.

Some suggest McMahon has a speech impediment — an embarrassing secret that might explain why he has been so insistent on phasing out the term “wrestling” in favor of “sports entertainment.”

“He insists that we call it sports entertainment, even though it’s clearly wrestling,” said an anonymous source inside WWE.

“At least he doesn’t say ‘spurts enterturnmnet’ or something.”