Raw spoilers
Vince McMahon wishes people would stop ruining the surprises of WWE.

Still a devoted wrestling fan despite a lifetime immersed in the sport, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon spent much of today avoiding “spoilers” about what unfolded on tonight’s pre-taped episode of Monday Night Raw.

“No tweeting or posting results on Facebook!” reads a memo McMahon circulated among employees of World Wrestling Entertainment this afternoon.

“Some of us still like to be surprised!”

McMahon says he is “sick and tired” of people on social media giving away the results of WWE events immediately after they happen, rather than letting “true fans” like him enjoy the thrill of surprises.

McMahon’s “no-spoiler policy” is reportedly difficult for WWE employees to enact, since he also demands full creative control over every aspect of the televised WWE product.

Despite great temptation, McMahon refused to check Facebook or Twitter all afternoon, and did not spend any time on the “Squared Circle” forum of Reddit, where he goes by the username “Dolphins1925.”