Lucha dragons entrance
Kaliso, or perhaps Sin Cara, enters the ring with the assistance of a trampoline, to the chagrin of a heartbroken Vince McMahon.

Professional wrestling impresario Vince McMahon was reportedly inconsolable today after he discovered that his favorite tag team, the masked Lucha Dragons, use a trampoline to make their spectacular ring entrances.

“Wait a second — trampoline?” said McMahon after he overheard a roadie at a WWE live event speaking about the trampoline.

“Are you telling me they can’t actually fly? Oh, this changes everything…”

Despite being a hugely successful mogul whose marketing genius transformed professional wrestling from a regional sideshow diversion to a global pop-culture juggernaut, McMahon is known to be staggeringly naive about his own business in some regards.

Just last week, for example, he asked a colleague whether Mr. America might actually have been Hulk Hogan in disguise, and he still hasn’t sorted out the identity of The Giant Machine.

According to backstage sources, McMahon was “furious” about the trampoline, and demanded that the Lucha Dragons begin leaping 10 feet into the air, over the top rope, without assistance.

Kalisto did it easily, but Sin Cara twisted his ankle while running down the ramp and will be out of action indefinitely.