Vince McMahon email
Vince McMahon, like wrestling fans everywhere, had to consult the internet to know what matches will be held at Survivor series

Professional wrestling mogul Vince McMahon confessed today that even he had to look up Survivor Series on Wikipedia in order to have any idea what matches will be held at tonight’s pay-per-view.

McMahon was admittedly “as stumped as everyone else” about the card for tonight’s event due to clunky booking and a lackluster build-up, and googled the words “what matches surviver (sic) series 2013.”

For the past week or so, McMahon has mistakenly believed that CM Punk will be facing Ryback in the main event, rather than tagging with Daniel Bryan to take on the Wyatt family.

“Is Ryback even on this show?” a confused McMahon asked longtime right-hand man Pat Patterson.

“And what the hell — Rey Mysterio is back!? When did that happen?”

McMahon was reportedly furious when he found out there will be a 14-Diva elimination tag match on the show. “Who approved that?” he hollered, according to one backstage source.

McMahon admits he also spent nearly an hour on Bleacher Report to find out how the next six months of WWE storylines will play out.