Vince McMahon Egg
Vince McMahon thinks this worthless trinket from eBay was a magical gift from The Rock, which The Rock vehemently denies.

Fans of professional wrestling have watched for decades as WWE mogul Vince McMahon has steadily slide deeper and deeper into madness, but the billionaire’s unhinged behaviour with a “Golden Egg” at Survivor Series demonstrated he is irretrievably deranged. 

“Someone stole my Golden Egg!” raved the senile 76-year-old, prattling on about a magical egg that was gifted to him by The Rock — a delusion that McMahon’s caregivers insist is not true (he bought it on eBay). 

During Survivor Series, McMahon stomped around backstage, babbling incoherently about his magical egg, and demanding that Adam Pearce investigate who had stolen it. 

“I feel bad for the crazy old guy,” said Pearce. “So I pretended to look for his egg all night. We don’t want to discourage Vince’s imagination — he’s becoming very childlike.”

Egg-related delusions have overcome McMahon in the past, particularly around Survivor Series, when he forced a man to wear a turkey suit and hatch from a giant egg for McMahon’s own twisted amusement. 


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