Vince WWE battleground
Vince McMahon insists he’ll pay for Hell in a Cell.

Professional wrestling mogul Vince McMahon, having decided that tonight’s Battleground pay-per-view is not really worth the 50 bucks his company is charging for it, figures he’ll just watch it via illegal stream.

“It’s kind of a filler PPV anyway,” said McMahon, who typically bemoans the revenue that his company, World Wrestling Entertainment, loses annually due to online streaming.

“I mean, we’ve seen most of these matches before. I’m, like, meh.”

McMahon insists he doesn’t normally stream pay-per-views, and only occasionally downloads them from torrent sites, but demands that fans fork over 50 dollars roughly a dozen times every year to watch the events.

McMahon says he wasn’t even going to bother watching Battleground, but was nagged into it by his daughter Stephanie, because she will play a prominent role in the event.

He admits that he’ll “have the stream on in the background,” but ┬áprobably spend most of his time creeping ex-girlfriends on Facebook.