World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) honcho Vince McMahon, reportedly “furious” about the recent successes of rival promotion All Elite Wrestling (AEW), has challenged AEW boss Tony Khan to a muscle-flexing pose-down on live television. 

“Quite frankly, that little pipsqueak Khan looks like he has never pumped iron and things of that nature, quite frankly,” McMahon told reporters outside WWE’s Connecticut headquarters Thursday morning. 

McMahon was quite frank in his comments, dismissing Khan as a “pencil-necked geek” who “barely has grapes where I have grapefruits” (referring euphemistically to their respective gonads). 

McMahon has reportedly been working out practically around the clock “and eating nothing but ICO PRO” in preparation for the posedown, according to a backstage source who asked to be identified only as Byron S. 

Although Khan (age 39) has a significant youth advantage over McMahon (age 93), McMahon has the advantage of being an exercise enthusiast and utterly deranged. 

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