Vince McMahon funny
Vince McMahon has admittedly been “puzzled” by a few Kayfabe News articles.

Sources close to Vince McMahon revealed today that the WWE chairman and sports-entertainment impresario believes every word on the satirical wrestling website Kayfabe News.

McMahon reportedly checks the site every morning, erroneously believing  it is an accurate source of information about the industry over which he holds a practical monopoly, rather than a parody news site.

According to friends and colleagues, McMahon was “deeply saddened” after reading that Randy Orton, upon realizing he had become a legend, killed himself.

McMahon was also reportedly “furious” by the news that John Cena was sent by the Make-A-Wish Foundation to visit the dying TNA promotion, and that Ben Affleck had been hired to portray the Undertaker at WrestleMania.

Nobody has the heart to tell McMahon that Kayfabe News is humor site that lampoons the foibles of the wrestling industry by reporting “unreal news about an unreal sport.”

McMahon’s longtime friend and confidant Pat Patterson said “it’s kind of hilarious that Vince hasn’t figured it out for himself yet.”

McMahon did become temporarily skeptical about the veracity of Kayfabe News upon reading that Sting had been confirmed to appear at WrestleMania, but he figured that it must be true because he read it on the internet.