Vince Mcmahon
Vince McMahon reportedly plays WCW vs. NwO every night until wife Linda tells him it is bedtime.

In a rare episode of honesty, Professional wrestling impresario Vincenzo “Vince” McMahon confessed today that WCW vs. NwO, a 1997 video game for the Nintendo 64, “still totally kicks the ass of today’s wrestling games.”

McMahon, who typically refuses to even acknowledge the existence of rival companies, revealed during a press conference today that the 23-year-old game “so much better than the 2K series, it’s crazy.”

The billionaire promoter said he plays every wrestling game on the market — and quite enjoys Fire Pro Wrestling World — but has never found a game with a better grappling system than WCW vs. NWO: World Tour. 

“Last night I was playing as Ultimo Dragon and I had this amazing match against Syxx,” McMahon said, his eyes bleary from another all-night N64 marathon. “I’m pretty close to unlocking the DDP hidden character, I think.”

The 75-year-old sports-entertainment tycoon has a gaming room in the basement of his Connecticut lair, which includes a full arcade cabinet WWF Superstars game, and a near-complete LJN action figure collection (missing only Cactus Jack and B. Brian Blair). 

McMahon is reportedly “super pumped” about the prospect of an AEW video game. 

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