vince censored raw
Vince McMahon broke his own strict rules by dropping an f-bomb (not “fake” — the other one).

Vince McMahon, the sports-entertainment impresario who turned professional wrestling into a billion-dollar juggernaut, has fired himself from WWE for swearing on live television.

“We cannot allow that kind of crude languageĀ on-air,” McMahon told reporters this morning after giving his notice of termination to the WWE Board of Directors.

When confronting his son Shane, who made a surprise return to WWE on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, an enraged McMahon uttered the f-word (not “fake,” the other one).

The mogul vowed to give his son a “[expletive] beating,” which sparked controversy not only for its use of a curse word, but also for its implication that Vince could ever beat Shane, who once fell off the TitanTron for crying out loud.

Upon firing himself, McMahon was initially infuriated, but eventually admitted: “Vince screwed Vince.”