Great Khali move set
WWE video editor Peter Ward struggles to find material for a “50 Greatest Moves of Great Khali” montage

A video editor at World Wrestling Entertainment is starting to wonder if he is the victim of a prank after being asked to compile a montage called “The Top 50 Moves of Great Khali.”

Peter Ward, a newly hired editor at WWE’s Stamford headquarters, hasn’t slept for 42 hours, having spent every waking moment scouring archival footage of the Punjabi giant performing a variety of maneuvers.

So far, Ward’s compilation video highlights only four moves:

  • The Great Khali Chop
  • The Big Boot
  • The Repeated Back Elbows in the Corner
  • The Slight Variation of the Big Boot

Ward is wondering how he can possibly compile 46 more moves before his deadline of 5 p.m. today; he is considering adding some maneuvers he says are “of questionable legitimacy,” including:

  • The Awkward Stilt-Walk Wobble
  • The Two-Left-Feet Dance with Natalya
  • The Andre The Giant-esque Tie-Up in Ropes
  • The Elevated Liver Enzyme Wellness Policy Suspension

Ward hopes the whole assignment is some kind of hazing prank perpetrated by his coworkers. He believes this might also be the case with his next assignment: a video titled “The Most Coherent Promos of the Ultimate Warrior.”