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Val Venis rarely wore his Hall of Fame ring, saying it “lost meaning when they’d give it to any jabroni with a memorable gimmick.”

Legendary sports entertainer Valerie “Val” Venis has sparked controversy among fans of sports-entertainment by putting his WWE Hall of Fame ring up for sale in an online auction. 

Venis is selling the ring because he feels the Hall of Fame “lost its prestige when they started inducting just any hokey mid-carder,” he said during a recent episode of the YouTube show where he gets stoned and says the darnedest things. 

The former pornographic film actor and WWE “superstar” is asking for a starting bid of $10,000 — “with no tax, because taxation is theft, and libtards and Soro and Podesta’s emails! [long exhale of smoke].” 

As true wrestling fans will remember, Venis was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by none other than Vince McMahon, who said that “quite frankly, there is perhaps no greater sports entertainer on Earth than Val Venis, quite frankly.”

The WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2007, of which Venis was the star attraction, also included Steve Blackman, Duke Droese, Bob Saget, Nathan Jones, and Mae Young’s Baby Hand. 

Check out the online auction for Val Venis’ HOF ring, and watch our exclusive “live” “interview” with Val Venis below:

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