equal pay wwe
Vacant has held the WWE Championship more than anyone else currently on the roster, yet is paid substantially less.

Multi-time former wrestling champ Vacant is locked in a contract dispute with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) over his demand that temporary titleholders deserve compensation on par with longer-term champions.

Vacant is following the lead of Ryback, who reportedly remains embroiled in a contract stalemate with WWE over his insistence that enhancement talent should be fed more.

Interim champions are “just as important” as other titleholders, insists Vacant, who has briefly held every major championship in WWE following a variety of suspensions, retirements, and controversial finishes.

“Just because I’m a grey, featureless avatar doesn’t mean I don’t deserve equal pay,” he wrote on his blog.

Equality has been a hot-button issue in professional wrestling lately, as former “Divas” have been re-categorized as “Superstars,” and former “midgets” have been changed to “unemployed.”