wrestlemania women's
These vivacious vixens of the circled square will give you fellas an eyeful!

Fans of pro rasslin’ are in for a treat on April 7 when World Wrestling Entertainment (formerly WWF, or World Wildlife Fund) hosts its annual flagship spectacle, WrestlingMania, with lady wrestlers in the main event!

It’ll be a ring-a-ding-dong-dandy when a trio of vicious dishes — Charlotte Flare, Becki Lynch, and Rhonda Roussy — get into a scrappy catfight.

Meeeooowww, right fellas?

Don’t be fooled by their pretty faces and their gams-that-don’t-quit — these dames are not pussycat pushovers! They will scratch and claw and pull one another’s hair until one of them is crowned the “Queen of the Circled Square!”

If you’re a fan of the sexy “Apartment Wrestling” within the pages of Pro Wrestling Illustrated, you’ll love watching Charlotte Flare (daughter of Ric Flare) wriggle around in skimpy clothes with Roussy (a former UCF “fighter”) and Lynch (sister of TNA megastar Claire Lynch).

Main-eventing WrestlingMania in New Jersey is considered a big step forward for women’s lib, and a result of the so-called Lady Wrestlers Revolution.




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