in-ring weddingYou know what they say: anything can happen in sports-entertainment!

Well, anything (and everything) DID happen on Monday Night Raw this week!

Are you sitting down? Well buckle up for this: an in-ring wedding did not go according to plan!

Yes, you’re reading that correctly! For the first time in history, a beautiful in-ring wedding devolved into a messy brouhaha!

And boy oh boy, it was a ring-a-ding-dong dandy! A lady named Bev Morgan or something interrupted the nuptials with strong hints of HLA (healthy loving acquaintances) with Lana!! Then the bride slapped the other lady, and then a big man jumped out of a cake and attacked the groom, who was wearing a sleeveless tuxedo because wrestling!!!

A WWE spokesperson stated that “today is a sad day, creating a single black mark on the long and dignified tradition of in-ring weddings. But we can take solace knowing that civility and decency will always remain the hallmarks of our in-ring contract signings.”



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