undertaker hat jacketWhen professional wrestling legend The Undertaker took his own last ride at WrestleMania, he symbolically “left it all in the ring” by leaving behind his wide-brimmed hat and jacket — where they remain to this day. 

Nearly a dozen football games and a monster truck show have been held in the Orlando stadium since, with participants being careful not to disturb the garments as a show of respect to the so-called Phenom. 

A family of squirrels has reportedly nested inside the leather jacket, attracted by the Undertaker’s pungent underarm odor, and a bird has been building a nest out of hairs collected from the hat. 

The Undertaker, meanwhile, has suffered an unpleasant sunburn due to his head, arms and shoulders after being exposed to daylight for the first time.

Although many fans believe The Undertaker signalled his retirement by leaving his clothes in the ring, one backstage source has revealed that the gesture was merely a way to signal his impending re-emergence as a member of the Fashion Police with Breezango.