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The Undertaker was surprised to discover that, while he was vacationing, he was being challenged on a weekly basis by John Cena.

Upon returning home from a four-week “off the grid” camping excursion, legendary professional wrestler The Undertaker got cozy on his sofa and turned on his DVR, eager to catch up on the latest developments on Monday Night Raw.

Having been roughing it in the wilderness with no television or phone, the Deadman was blissfully unaware that he had been the topic of much speculation — and badmouthing from John Cena — while he was vacationing.

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“Wow, Ronda Rousey’s there,” he mused aloud through a mouthful of popcorn while catching up on Raw. “Neat.”

Like most wrestling viewers, The Undertaker fast-forwarded through some of the mid-card filler and skits, but pushed “play” again when he spotted John Cena delivering a mid-ring promo.

“I wonder how John’s doing,” said The Phenom. “I should give him a call.”

But The Undertaker’s post-vacation relaxation quickly vanished when he realized that Cena was goading — in increasingly insulting ways into a fight.

By the time The Undertaker had watched all four weeks’ worth of programming, he was reportedly livid that Cena had dragged his name through the mud in front of the WWE Universe, and that he had missed an opportunity to accept a WrestleMania challenge.

Enraged, he texted Cena: “U r a jerk. I was camping!!! [poo emoji].”

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