undertaker albumLegendary professional wrestler The Undertaker has teased retirement from the ring for several years now, and it seems The Deadman is already transitioning to a new career as a hip hop recording artist, according to TMZ.

The Undertaker (real name Theodore Undertaker) has reportedly spent the past three weeks holed up in a Los Angeles recording studio with veteran producer Rick Rubin, laying tracks for an album tentatively titled Da Phenom: My Yard. 

Although no official comment has been issued regarding the album, leaked documents reveal what appears to be a preliminary track list for the album:

  • Rest in Pieces (ft. Fred Durst)
  • This ain’t yo yard
  • Wrestlaz’ Court
  • Paul (skit)
  • Da Streek
  • Buried Alive (ft. Eminem)
  • Backstage Mafia
  • I Go to Work (Kool Moe Dee cover)
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls (ft. James Hetfield)
  • Bonus track (Japan only): My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion cover)

One anonymous source who claims to have heard one of the recording sessions described it as “absolutely terrible” and “much better than Enzo Amore’s stuff.”

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