Bad Bunny could be the Undertaker’s most high-profile WrestleMania opponent yet.

Although legendary sports-entertainer The Undertaker officially retired from the ring last year, the sudden appearance of pop star Bad Bunny reportedly has the Deadman considering one more match. 

A source close to the Undertaker (who, for the sake of anonymity, asked to be identified only as Glenn J.), said the Phenom has always wanted to participate in a gimmick celebrity match at WrestleMania, and regrets missing the opportunity to perform with Snooki. 

The Undertaker (real name Marcus Alexander Calaway-McCool) has been one of WrestleMania’s biggest attractions for a quarter-century, and the allure of facing Bad Bunny — a 26-year-old Latin rapper best known for showing up recently in WWE — may be too strong for the Deadman to resist. 

Although best known for his music, Bad Bunny is a seasoned professional wrestler in his own right, having competed on the American indy circuit as Wascally Wabbit, and in Japan as Giant Tiger. 

While The Undertaker (6’10, 3o0 lbs) would have a distinct size advantage against Bad Bunny (three apples high, 102 pounds), Bad Bunny has the ability to hop, leap, and wiggle his little bunny nose. 

If this dream match does happen, it is almost guaranteed that this year’s live attendance at WrestleMania could surpass last year’s. 



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