lady balls wwe
Expect to see the debut of Lady Balls Calaway this Sunday.

Just days after World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) trademarked the term “Lady Balls,” the reason is now becoming clear: the company reportedly aims to repackage The Undertaker as Lady Balls Calaway, a sassy Transylvanian transvestite gimmick.

Sources within WWE reveal that company chairman Vince McMahon believes the Undertaker’s ominous character has grown stale and is in need of an “edgy” reboot.

Despite the Undertaker’s legendary career and immense popularity, his old-school persona no longer resonates with fans of the so-called “new era” of WWE, like Sami Zayn and Eva Marie.

Early speculation is that Lady Balls Calaway will square off at WrestleMania against another soon-to-be-repackaged superstar, “The Feast” Brock Luscious.