Undertaker rest in peace
The Undertaker leads a class through the “demonic reverence” pose in Sweaten’ With the Deadman.

Tired of fad diets and trendy cleanses? Do you want to shed those flabby thighs and wobbly love handles and transform yourself into a muscular, macabre phenom?

Well you’re in luck, because professional wrestling’s favorite ghastly ghoul, The Undertaker, has the belly-blasting, gong-chiming solution you’ve been looking for!

Sweatin’ With the Deadman is the revolutionary new fat-burning, muscle-building, eyeball-rolling workout from hell that will send your buddha-belly to the Dark Side forever!

The Undertaker himself will lead you through a series of fun, phantasmagorical workouts that will make you as ominous and sexy as the Deadman himself!

The Undertaker’s patented programme will give you the six-pack abs, firm tushy and demonic scowl you’ve always dreamed of!

When you start Sweatin’ With the Deadman, you’ll learn such exercises as:

  • Ab-toning straight-backed situps (with sudden head turn)
  • The “Lights On” double-arm-raise
  • The core-building “Old School” rope walk
  • The “Last Ride” tricep extension
  • The muscle-controlling “Ultra-Slow Entrance Walk”

Order in the next 30 minutes, and you’ll receive the Motivational Urn filled with protein powder and unspeakable evil, absolutely free!

In the words of the Undertaker himself, it’s time for you to “Flex in Peace”!

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