Undertaker sick
The Undertaker says he has been “feeling blah all week.”

Just hours before he was scheduled to compete in a high-stakes Hell in a Cell battle at WrestleMania, legendary pro wrestler The Undertaker bowed out of the event with “a major case of the sniffles.”

“Sorry guys,” the Phenom said in a hoarse voicemail left at WWE’s Connecticut headquarters.

“Gotta sit this one out. Don’t want to get anyone else sick.”

The Phenom posted a picture of himself on Instagram, a box of Kleenex by his side and his nostrils raw from nose-blowing, with the caption: “Blergh! Just my luck. Feeling like a dead man FOR REALZ. #Sicky.”

Since The Undertaker has forfeited his WrestleMania match, he will be forced to retire, and scheduled opponent Shane McMahon will automatically assume control of Monday Night Raw.


To give wrestling fans their money’s worth, Shane McMahon is still planning to hurl himself off the Hell in a Cell steel cage.