The Undertaker’s losing streak has begun.

Legendary professional wrestler The Undertaker, long known for his impressive 21-match winning streak at the annual WrestleMania event, has officially begun his new losing streak.

The so-called Deadman lost his first WrestleMania match in more than two decades to opponent Brock Lesnar at this weekend’s WrestleMania in New Orleans.

Although a man of few words, the Undertaker confirmed that he is setting out to achieve another milestone by telling reporters: “The streak begins anew.”

Sources close to The Undertaker say he is aware that his advancing age makes continuing his victorious streak seem implausible, so he is embarking on the more realistic losing streak.

He hopes to mirror his past success by losing 21 consecutive times at WrestleMania 50 in the year 2034.

He hopes to lose next year to CM Punk, who is reportedly basking in righteous indignation somewhere at the moment.