Undertaker lesnar laugh
The Undertaker (left, horrifying) fails to properly mimic human laughter.

Legendary professional wrestler The Undertaker achieved a personal milestone yesterday when he tried admirably — but failed miserably– to mimic the human emotional expression of laughter.

The so-called Phenom spent the first 50 years of his undead life abstaining from risible occasions, preferring instead to scowl menacingly and, on occasion, stick out his serpentine tongue.

But during his much-ballyhood rematch against Brock Lesnar at WWE’s SummerSlam event this week, The Undertaker attempted to parrot the snide laughter of opponent Brock Lesnar.

Sitting up abruptly from a horizontal position, The Undertaker snapped his head toward Lesnar, observed the beast’s laughter, and then failed to adequately reproduce the activity.

“Ha,” the Deadman bellowed unconvincingly, his eyes bulging with an expression that bore no trace of genuine joy. “Ha.”

According to backstage sources, The Undertaker’s ever-expanding repertoire of emotional expressions may soon include whistling and blowing kisses.