foley undertaker
Mick Foley has been having fun with his telepathic ability to summon The Undertaker at will.

After discovering earlier this week that he has the power to summon The Undertaker into existence at will, Mick Foley successfully wished the Phenom to materialize at his neighborhood Applebee’s restaurant.

The Raw General Manager was splitting a plate of jalapeño poppers with his boss, Stephanie McMahon, as part of his ongoing annual performance review, when McMahon insisted he telepathically beckon the Undertaker.

Foley had performed a similar summoning earlier in the week during Monday Night Raw, inexplicably invoking the Undertaker to travel from “the Dark Side” to a packed sporting arena in New Orleans.

“Come on, ‘Taker,” Foley urged while dolloping ranch dressing at the all-you-can-eat salad bar. “This worked a few days ago — I beckon you to harness your mystical forces to appear at this chain family dining establishment.”

Diners were surprised when the restaurant’s lighting suddenly dimmed and a gong sounded, followed by billowing smoke and thunderclaps.

The so-called Deadman then emerged from the men’s room, magically restored the lighting by raising his arms, and ordered his favorite dish, chicken breast ‘n peas.