undertaker hhh
Undertaker and Triple H pictured in their first of seven last-ever matches.

World Wrestling Entertainment made the “historic” announcement today that, for the last last time ever, The Undertaker and Triple H will square off in an end-of-an-era, never-again, seriously-this-time, except for next time, final-ish showdown.

This time, for the first and only and last time ever, the match will also feature Shawn Michaels, who several weeks ago explained why he is never coming out of retirement, and will come out of retirement for what is likely the penultimate time.

Also joining the action will be the mayor of Knox County Tennessee, who will be wearing his trademark red mask after a “historic” unmasking, remasking, unmasking, remasking, unmasking, remasking, unmasking and wearing business-casual slacks, and remasking.

Triple H, who transitioned from professional wrestler to WWE Chief Operating Officer and back to wrestler while still being Chief Operating Officer, is hated by fans for his authoritarian ruling of WWE, and beloved by fans for his promotion of young indy darlings in NXT.

The match, to be held at The Greatest Crown Jewel WWE’s “historic” second visit to Saudi Arabia, promises to be the first last-time-ever match ever held in the Kingdom, except for last time’s first-and-last-time-ever 50-man Royal Rumble.

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