brock lesnar raw
Brock Lesnar is expected to take out his frustrations on James Ellsworth, so that’ll be fun.

Claiming to have “unfinished business” with WWE World Champion Dean Ambrose, fearsome sports-entertainer Brock Lesnar returns to Raw tonight, seemingly unaware that Ambrose was drafted to SmackDown.

Lesnar has not appeared on WWE programming since his street fight against Ambrose at WrestleMania, and evidently has not been watching WWE television in recent weeks.

Lesnar has reportedly been pacing like a caged animal backstage at Atlanta’s Phillips Arena waiting for Ambrose to arrive, unaware that the so-called Lunatic Fringe is en route to tomorrow’s SmackDown event in Tallahassee.

Lesnar’s handler, Paul Heyman, has himself been absent from WWE television in recent weeks, reportedly attending motivational seminars to overcome his debilitating fear of public speaking.

Backstage sources are worried that Lesnar will react violently when he realizes Ambrose is elsewhere, and also when he sees that awful new Raw logo.