The newly released WWE 2K23 video game so closely mimics its real-life televised counterpart that players cannot complete a match without sitting through at least one commercial break.

“This is the level of realism I’ve always wanted from a WWE game,” tweeted fan @StylesKlash69 while waiting for gameplay to resume after an advertisement for Mountain Dew Black Gold Extreme. 

The game is so authentic, in fact, that players can hear the referee whisper “10 seconds to commercial” to the competitors, which is the cue for one of them to get thrown out of the ring.

Players may also choose one of four different “rest holds” — reverse chin lock, arm bar, leg scissors, or headlock — with which to pass the time until the commercial break is over. 

While many fans have praised the game’s realism, others say certain features detract from excitement of gameplay, including:

  • Television Mode, which opens every gameplay session with an un-skippable 20-minute segment of talking
  • NXT Naming Mode, in which the player gives rookie wrestlers goofy ring names like “Braxton Prince” and “Lexxi Sizzle” and “Tyler Bate”
  • Push Ziggler Mode, in which nothing happens


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