WWE 2K14
Players of WWE2K14 can be suspended for Wellness Policy violations.

The newly released wrestling video game WWE 2K14 is reportedly so realistic that players can receive suspensions for violating the WWE Wellness Policy.

“This game is the most immersive WWE simulation to date,” said Yuke’s VP of Game Development, Julian Spumaine.

“Players are be required to randomly submit urine samples into a specially built controller, which will automatically restrict gameplay for 30 days if any controlled substances are detected.”

After three such violations, the game reportedly stops working altogether, and police in the player’s hometown are notified.

Programmers says the new game provides the depth and realism — with real-life consequences for mistakes — that wrestling gamers have demanded for years.

Among the controlled substances the game tests for are anabolic steroids, prescription painkillers, sleeping pills and marijuana (though a coalition of wrestlers led by Rob Van Dam is reportedly appealing the latter).

The game features a number of other ultra-realistic innovations, including:

Locker Room Etiquette Mode, in which the player must shake hands and reverently genuflect to as many veterans as possible, lest Triple-H send the player back down to developmental

Impossible Challenge Mode, in which the player must wrestle an exciting, convincing and flawless match against The Great Khali

On the Road Mode, in which the player must endure the rigors of travelling long distances in a rental car with a gassy Big Show

Endurance Test Mode, in which the player must listen, for as long as possible, to Michael Cole explaining how to download the WWE App.

“Thanks to its incredible depth, we expect this to be the top-selling wrestling game we’ve ever made,” said Spumaine. “That’s partly because players will have to buy the game again after their third Wellness Policy violation.”