Ultimate Fighting Championship has unveiled its new Hell in an Octagon match, which the organization claims is “in no way inspired” by WWE’s Hell in a Cell.

In what is being called a blatant case of copyright infringement, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has unveiled a roofed cage called “Hell in an Octagon,” which bears uncanny resemblance to World Wrestling Entertainment’s patented “Hell in a Cell” cage.

UFC brazenly unveiled their new structure on the same day that WWE presents its popular annual Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, during which several matches unfold inside an inescapable cube-like cage.

WWE honcho Vince McMahon is reportedly furious, telling one close aide that “UFC has been ripping off our ideas for years, but this is the last straw, goddammit!”

UFC President Dana White denies that the new “Hell in an Octagon” match was inspired by WWE’s Hell in a Cell.

“All of our ideas are completely original,” said White in a press release.

“Bright lights, loud entrance music, pyrotechnics, compelling storylines, behind-the-scenes drama — all of that was completely my idea, and I didn’t get any inspiration whatsoever from WWE.”

UFC is reportedly poised to unveil another new type of match — a melee in which 30 fighters attempt to eliminate opponents by throwing them over the top of the octagon fence — called the Regal Rumble.