Ladder match ufc
All championship matches in UFC will now be decided by ladder match.

Dana White, president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, announced at a press conference this morning that the mixed martial arts league will “kick things up a notch” with the introduction of ladder matches.

“This ain’t your daddy’s MMA,” White said, sitting atop the 20-foot ladder that fighters will have to climb in order to seize the UFC championship belt dangling above the Octagon.

Critics are accusing White of once again ripping off ideas from professional wrestling, just like he did with cage matches, bombastic characters, scripted finishes, and overhyping CM Punk.

White announced that the first ladder match in UFC will pit Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor against Eddie Alvarez.

While McGregor is highly proficient in Brazilian jiu-stepclimb, Alvarez is a master of the stepmill who once jogged up the stairs of the Eiffel Tower.

According to a leaked script, McGregor will come close to clinching the title, only to be betrayed by his supposed ally, James Ellsworth, who will topple the ladder and send McGregor careening into a gaggle of scantily clad Octagon Girls.