Twitter on Raw
Twitter became a trending topic on Raw tonight, thanks to thousands of on-air mentions and onscreen graphics (above).

Thanks to incessant on-air mentions and on-screen graphics, the popular social media service Twitter is currently a trending topic on WWE Raw.

The milestone was achieved during the first 40 minutes of Monday’s Raw, during which the word “Twitter” was uttered by commentators and wrestlers in excess of 1,200 times.

Contributing to the trending phenomenon was the commentators’ use of hashtagged buzzwords, and their insistence on referring to superstars by their Twitter handles.

“Looks like @CMPunk has some unfinished business with @WWERawGM,” said commentator Jerry Lawler. “But here come @HeelZiggler and @RealJackSwagger, and they’re with Vickie Guerrerro. #ExcuseMe!”

Added Michael Cole: “#Vintage Vickie!”

Some critics have accused WWE of becoming too Twitter-focused, particularly following a segment last week, during which Acting General Manager and Vice-President of Talent Relations John Lauranitis stood the ring and hoarsely repeated the word “Twitter” for five minutes.

Somewhat ironically, the backlash against WWE has unfolded largely on Twitter, typically accompanied by the hashtag #LessTweetingMoreWrestling.