Tugboat Costa
Tugboat emerged from obscurity yesterday to assist the Italian Navy in its recovery of the Costa Concordia cruise liner.

Former WWE wrestler Tugboat arrived in Tuscany yesterday to lend his strength and seafaring experience to the recovery of the Costa Concordia, which ran aground last month.

“Toot tooooot,” bellowed the corpulent superstar when asked by reporters how he intends to right the capsized cruise liner. “Toooooot!”

Tugboat’s arrival in Italy is his first public appearance in many years, and quelled rumors that he died in a 1994 typhoon.

Recovery of the marooned ship has proven more difficult than anticipated, which is why the Italian Navy opted to seek the assistance of Tugboat.

Naval officials also announced that they may need to break the ship into smaller components using an electronic-pulse generator known as the “Shockmaster.”